Our Office

Social responsibility

In the course of our business and in making strategic decisions we respect the ten universal principles of the UN Global Compact with regard to human rights, labour standards, environment and anti-corruption. Humanitarianism and respect for human dignity form an important part of our profession.

We believe that economy and thereby our firm are (co)responsible for sustainable development, consistent with protected human rights. We are trying to transfer this belief in a balanced manner also to our clients. In providing our services and legal advice, we encourage our clients in an appropriate manner to efficient and consistent operation in terms of human rights protection.

However, we know that from the point of view of human rights protection, it is important that the victims of human rights violation have access to efficient legal means, which can be ensured only through high-quality legal assistance. We deem high-quality representation and legal assistance for socially disadvantaged persons are part of our duties. Therefore, we encourage our employees to devote a part of their time to work on the matters that according to their nature could contribute to activities consistent with protected human rights in all fields of human development and would thus contribute to socially responsible behaviour and sustainable development. In cases where this is appropriate with regard to the circumstances of an individual matter, we offer our advice and services free of charge –pro bono.


Jadek & Pensa is one of the signatories of the Diversity Charter Slovenia. By signing the Charter, we have further committed ourselves to prevent all forms of discrimination and create a diversity policy that promotes equal opportunities, inclusion and diversity by recognising individual skills.