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Public Procurement

Several companies create a significant amount of their incomes based on public procurement. Several thousand public contracts in the aggregate value of billions of euros are awarded in Slovenia on a yearly basis.

The provisions regulate very precisely the field of public procurement, particularly the procedure, which is designed in such way that the providers have to react fast against the violations of contracting authorities, otherwise they lose the rights provided to them by the law. On the other hand, contracting entities have to make sure that from the preparation stage up to the finality of the selection decision they manage the public procurement procedure lawfully, transparently and economically and act this way also when concluding and performing the contract on the implementation of public procurement. An important factor in this respect is rapid response and high-quality legal assistance throughout all stages of the procedure – at the initial provision of fair terms of tenders as well as when ensuring a fair selection of the most favourable provider.

We offer our clients, including contracting entities and providers from Slovenia and abroad, professional support throughout all stages of public procurement procedure. In addition to legal advice and drafting of documents from the stage of preparation of public procurement onwards, we also represent clients in pre-review, review and court proceedings.

Our experiences encompass representation of contracting entities and providers in projects of public-private partnership and public contracts from different sectors, e.g. infrastructure, construction, energy, health and information and communication technologies.

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