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Tax Law

The tax system has traditionally followed the economic development, gradually adjusting itself. With the arrival of the digital era, it is expected that more radical changes of tax systems will occur, since they will be adjusted to the new models of operation with significantly amended roles of clients in transactions. We are aware that knowing the novelties is the key to the successful business operation of our clients, and therefore we assist them with tax analyses of existing and planned businesses.

Nowadays, tax law cuts across all fields of our life, therefore we provide our clients with comprehensive advice in relation to tax questions that arise in the course of their business or incidental transactions. We offer advice to legal and natural persons seeking answers to tax questions that are important to them. In case of sales or acquisitions of companies or real properties, we can offer our clients to perform a due diligence and assist them with the tax structure of transaction implementation.

An important field for our clients is also monitoring the compliance with tax liabilities. We support our clients in filling-out tax returns and accounts, and where irregularities are established, we provide them with the most efficient solutions. They can rely on our experience and skills also in fiscal supervision procedures, where our knowledge and mediation skills enable us to contribute to a favourable conclusion of procedure.

We focus on both domestic and international transactions, which are becoming a daily reality of the global economy.

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