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Intellectual Property

The protection and effective security of intellectual property rights, in particular patents, trademarks, models and copyrights and related rights, are essential for the viability of companies and their future development, as these rights are one of their key means. On the other hand, free economic initiative has to be protected, and it has to be ensured that the holder of a right does not exceed the limits granted by the right.

In the area of patents, we are active mostly in procedures that follow the patent award procedure. Although disputes in the area of patents are not very common in Slovenia, our firm has many experiences with them. We represent clients in disputes related to the validity of patents and well as to patent infringements. With regard to the latter, the procedures in relation to the issuance of interim injunctions are important in practice, by means of which an efficient protection of a right can be achieved during the term of patent prior to the final resolution of dispute, when the patent may already expire. Similar applies also to disputes due to infringement or the issue of trademark validity.

We also have long-standing experience with trademark protection procedures. We act as a representative at the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office, where Slovenian trademarks are being registered, and at the European Intellectual Property Office, where trademarks valid in the entire territory of the European Union are being registered. Prior to the registration, we advise the client on the most optimal options for the efficient protection of its rights given its specific circumstances. A comprehensive service is ensured also through good contacts with specialised lawyers in other countries, with which we cooperate on a regular basis when assistance is needed abroad in order to protect or establish a trademark. In the area of trademarks, we are active also in the seizures of goods in customs procedures, when the goods bearing a certain trademark are not entitled to such sign (counterfeits), and we are a member of CAPIP.EU network, which provides all services in relation to the seizures of counterfeited goods in the EU at standard prices, and the platform also allows clients to monitor continuously individual procedures.

In addition, the firm is subscribed to the darts-ip database, which enables us a fast and efficient search of competent authorities’ decisions in the field of trademarks, models, patents and domains, which help us in finding solutions for clients in the case of disputes or potential disputes as well as in the management of disputes.

Our experience in the field of copyright and related rights comprises both advising clients on agreements on the transfer of rights as well as representing clients in disputes in relation to those rights. When dealing with agreements on the transfer of rights particular attention should be paid to the provisions on the scope of transfer, as the copyright is not a single right, but consists of several entitlements that can be transferred separately with different time, space and other limitations.

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