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J&P’s active participation in Corporate Governance Conference 2018

As a member of SDA Working group for the Impact of New Technologies on Corporate Governance, attorney-at-law Aljaž Jadek will be one of the speakers at the Corporate Governance Conference 2018, which will take place on Friday, 9 November 2018 at Austria Trend Hotel in Ljubljana.

At the Corporate Governance Conference 2018, we will talk about the impact of new technologies (blockchain) on CG. At EU level, there have been many initiatives for digitalisation also in the field of CG. The European Commission has founded a group, which examines digital solutions for communication between shareholders and members of management and supervisory bodies. European Confederation of Directors’ Associations (ecoDa) has positioned blockchain technology among the topics that will largely influence CG. This is demonstrated by academic articles as well as by practical solutions, which are already being tested in some countries.

SDA Working group for Blockchain and Corporate Governance has already identified the fields where the use of blockchain could enable a significant increase in the effectiveness of corporate governance, thereby affecting the competitiveness of the Slovenian economy. With the implementation of the European directive as regards the encouragement of long-term shareholder engagement into national law, Slovenia has a unique opportunity to become the leader in this field among the EU Member States. The directive deals, among others, with shareholder identification, provision of information to them and facilitation of the exercise of their rights.

At the conference, attorney-at-law Aljaž Jadek will present the functioning and the key characteristics of the blockchain technology, and will point out the major obstacles to the implementation of this new technology. In the following part, he will try to think about the applicability of this technology in overcoming some of the inefficiencies of corporate governance and about the development prospects of using this technology in individual segments of corporate governance.

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