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Labour Law

In carrying our services and tasks related to labour law, we are aware that the relationship between employers and employees is of particular importance, as only sound cooperation and regulated working environment can bring optimal results. We work as counsellors for employers regarding all questions of labour law, either by preparing a legal opinion or by finding solutions to existing problems. In preparing internal acts of companies, which regulate the field of employment, employment contracts and managerial contracts, we comply with 10 universal principles of the UN Global Compact and take care that the respect of human rights and labour standards is addressed in a balanced manner. After the adoption of internal acts, we provide trainings, making sure that the purpose of their adoption has been achieved and minimalizing the number of violations.

We assist clients in negotiations with trade unions and works councils and advise them on larger reorganisations, larger dismissals and on restructuring procedures (either as part of insolvency procedures or regular reorganisation). We also perform labour law mediation between employers and employees, which is focused on maintaining and improving the employment relationship.

When it is not possible to maintain the employment relationship or this is not in the interest of the parties involved, we are aware that the field of labour law is becoming increasingly complex, in particular with regard to the regulation of individual employment relationships. Labour law demands excellent knowledge and understanding of the reasons for termination of employment contract, correct implementation of procedures (also by including the trade union when necessary) and knowledge of the system of entailing liability to disciplinary action and of court proceedings. The latter is important particularly when the burden of proof lies with the employer.

The required realisation of strict rules of labour legislation and reversing the burden of proof to the employer in possible court proceedings are the reasons due to which employers are increasingly seeking the help and advice of external experts. Based on rich experience and knowledge and understanding of labour legislation, our firm provides assistance with regard to the correct implementation and lawfulness of procedures, which is the key prerequisite to succeed in individual and collective labour disputes, within the framework of which, among others, the rights and obligations of employees are dealt with.

Precisely due to our knowledge of labour standards and our commitment to respect them, same as to employers we offer our services also to employees in cases of discriminatory practices of employees, mobbing and in general, when the rights of employees are being violated.

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