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New Technologies

Our office strongly believes that in the future modern technologies will have a great impact on the operation of our clients. Legal experts in our office have the appropriate technological skills, enabling us to offer comprehensive legal solutions for the application of digital tools and modern technologies. Precisely the detailed knowledge of technology allows us to provide clear legal solutions, which are fundamental in the dynamic area of new technologies.

Our office deems particularly the following technologies or areas as fundamental:


Blockchain technology represents one of the most important innovations in the recent period, which has great potential and will probably reform several business models. New technology and new business models are often difficult to place within the legal system. Therefore, the legal area represents one of the most difficult and most important obstacles to the further development of this technology. Early and efficient legal advice is of vital importance for the success of the project and compliant operation.

We have been dealing with the regulation of blockchain technology for a long time, and have already been transferring actively the knowledge acquired to economy. Experience gained in this field is of great value. We offer our clients comprehensive legal advice in relation to the use of this technology. We advise them on establishing compliant operation, particularly with regard to the development of new business models and their introduction into the work process. We are also able to advise clients on how to carry out the issuance of virtual coins in a legal and tax-efficient manner.

High-quality legal advice requires sound knowledge of technology, therefore our office cooperates actively with recognised developers and advisers from this area, which gives us an in-depth insight into technology and further development.

Our firm participates actively in the Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia initiative, which operates as a single point for the collection of ideas and proposals and communication between the state and regulators on one side and economy on the other side.


Fintech (financial technology) means the combination of financial services and information technology.

We estimate that new technologies have not only improved existing financial services, but will also redefine them in the near future (digital banking, peer-to-peer loans, use of smart contracts etc.).

Technological development and new financial services will definitely require new legal regulation, whereby we believe that in order to provide high-quality legal advice and identify new risks it is necessary to follow the development as well as understand the technology.

Our office cooperates actively also with recognised developers and advisers from the technological field, which gives us an in-depth insight into technology and further development.

Artificial intelligence

Technology enables a person to perform work effectively and achieve goals faster. One of these future technologies is artificial intelligence (AI). Although there is no united position among the experts as to when we are dealing with artificial intelligence and not perhaps only with machine learning (ML) or so-called narrow intelligence or augmented intelligence, most of them share the view that artificial intelligence replaces human analysis and decision-making.

We advise clients in researching and creating responsible artificial intelligence, which consists of ethical solutions striving to bring benefit to everyone, including privacy safeguards, excluding partiality factors and striving to upgrade artificial intelligence skills.

We can offer clients our expert legal knowledge in relation to providing fair (including how to identify and prevent legally inadmissible discrimination), reliable and safe (including the recognition of due diligence and restriction or enforcement of civil and other liability due to actions at the stage of planning, building and managing systems or solutions), inclusive (including the recognition and prevention of excluding certain categories of individuals), transparent (including consultancy in conducting independent review and approval and formation of contextual explanations as regards the operation) artificial intelligence, and advise them on the compliance of systems and solutions with the rules and standards of privacy, personal data protection and data safety.

Other new technologies

In our office, we actively engage also in other fields of new technologies. The key technological fields that we follow closely include autonomous vehicles, internet of things (IoT), drones, 3D printing, big data, smart cities, robotics…

As the development of new technologies often interferes with legally unregulated areas, the adequate and timely legal analysis is of vital importance. Thus, for the development of autonomous vehicles technology, it is fundamental to regulate the liability for potential damage that could be caused by autonomous vehicles, for the internet of things and drones personal data and privacy protection is of vital importance, 3D printing is closely related to intellectual property law…

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